Are You Going Through a Difficult Divorce in Groton, Townsend or Ashburnham, MA?

Use divorce mediation to keep the peace in your household

Are you facing a difficult divorce? Divorce mediation can provide you with an easier way to resolve your differences. Bellerose Law Offices, P.C. can provide you with divorce mediation services in the Groton, Massachusetts area. Attorney Marc G. Bellerose will sit down with you and help you work through dividing your assets to prevent your case from going to court.

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3 reasons to hire a mediation attorney

3 reasons to hire a mediation attorney

Going through a divorce is stressful for everyone in your family. Having a mediation attorney from the Bellerose Law Offices can make the process a little bit easier. A divorce mediation attorney can help you:

  1. Resolve your conflicts privately and quickly
  2. Avoid the financial and emotional costs of going to court
  3. Get an objective, unbiased opinion
Don't let a divorce cause additional stress on your family. Set up a meeting with a mediation attorney in Groton, Massachusetts by calling 978-448-6400 now.